Fixing bathroom accessories without drilling in tiles

Disaster strikes… Your new dream bathroom is almost finished and it’s time to fix your suspended accessories to the walls. But what will happen to your new tiles while drilling? Will they get damaged, or even worse, c.r.a.c.k? What if you’re not sure yet where to mount your accessories? You’ll be left with ugly holes you no longer need!

Luckily Bathroom Design Curacao has the perfect solution to fix accessories to the wall, without drilling!

Varuna accessories

These accessories can be fixed with screws, which come included, or with power glue, which is sold separately. To fix your Varuna accessories with power glue, just follow the 7 easy installation steps below. The accessories are made of brass and therefore are 100% rustproof. And best of all, they have a 5-year guarantee.

Are you not satisfied with the spot you chose?

Simply remove the adapter by twisting it with a pipe wrench and remove adhesive residue with a glass scraper or silicone remover. It’s as easy as that.

The advantages of this adhesive technology are:

  • No noise, dust, or dirt
  • No drilled pipes or wires
  • No damages on tiles by drilling holes
  • Removable without residues
  • Stable and with high load capacity

1 tube of power glue is enough for about 3 adapters.

Don’t take the risk of damaging your tiles. Be worry free and select your Varuna accessories with power glue today!

Adhesive technology by Bravat

The accessories can be fixed with screws, which come included, or with power glue, which is sold separately. To fix your Varuna accessories with power glue, just follow these 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Clean surface with pure alcohol

Step 2: Remove the film from the prefixing tape

Step 3: Press the adapter onto the wall

Step 4: Push glue through the boreholes

Step 5: Moisten the adapter well with water (This activates the curing process)

Step 6: Let dry 24 hours (Full strength after about 5 days)

Step 7: Mount the accessory

Bathroom Design Curaçao

Bathroom Design Curacao is a family-owned business specializing in modern and high-quality bathroom faucets and furniture.

We personally handpick all of our products with the highest standards and a good price-quality balance in mind. Only if we’d love to have it in our own home, it’s good enough for our customers!

At Bathroom Design Curacao we not only offer a great selection of high-end bathroom hardware at affordable prices, we also offer a very professional team that can assist you with any bathroom design related questions. To help bring any installation to a flawless end result, plumbers, contractors or individual DIY-ers are always welcome in our showroom for technical advice.

Let us help you create your dream bathroom. Stop by our showroom and be wowed!

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