Always dreamt of excercise your passion for horses, under the Caribbean sun? Always dreamt of having your own stables and build these into a serious and professional company? Or maybe you already have an equestrian business and have an ambition to expand it? Then we have a great and unique offer for you.

On the sunny island of Curacao we now offer its oldest riding school for sale. On a large area of more than 7000 sqm, exactly in front of the green Kabouterbos (forest) is the “Societe Hippique” riding school located. The only horseback riding school on Curacao with a covered arena of 886 m2. Although all that sunshine is great, but for the horses and riders to be able to enjoy lessons in the shade is also very welcome. In addition, there is a jumping arena of more than 1160 m2 and a lunging / Paso Fino corral of 507 m2. Obviously there are stands available to the public.

There are 25 stables, of which there are currently 13 in use for the stables’ own horses. The other boxes are alternately used for boarding horses.

On the grounds of the stables you will find 13 apartments, available for rent, for example for a combined beach and horse riding holiday. For many European riders to get acquainted with riding on Paso Fino horses will be a wonderful experience. Paso Fino is a specific riding style in which several Curaçao equestrians may count themselves among the best in the world.

Furthermore, the riding school has a cozy local cafe,  a kitchen, laundry room, office and toilets.

There is both a covered and an outdoor terrace.

Also, a stocked tack room is not missing and of course the horses’ bathing area.

The neighborhood Jongbloed is centrally located between the main residential areas of Curacao. Close to schools, businesses, supermarkets and restaurants. It is also only 15 minutes’ drive to the beaches of Jan Thiel, Spanish Water and Mambo Beach.

The stables are centrally located making it convenient for the local residents to follow their riding lessons and to acquire further skills in dressage, jumping or Paso Fino riding, but also for tourists to get acquainted with the equestrian side of Curacao. From the stables you directly ride into the woods for a wonderful outdoor ride. With a trailer you are also only 15 minutes out of the vast nature of St-Joris Bay where you can ride with your horse for hours in the most beautiful of sceneries.

To top this unique offer of: the zoning of the land allow it to be used for any conceivable development purpose, making this property interesting for developers as well.

Why sell something so unique you’ll ask? The current owners are ready for retirement, and it is time for a new generation to take over the business from them. Ready to gallop to this opportunity? Then we are ready to hear from you!