This historic building is situated in the heart of the shoppingcenter of Punda. Punda has always been the main shopping area of Willemstad. Protected by the Waterboogjes and Fort Amsterdam , built in 1648 , the Dutch built here their warehouses and retailstores here. The charm and nostalgia of this time can be seen and felt everywhere. Nowadays Punda is mainly car -free.. Walking through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will come face – to – face with the most beautiful scenes. From the quaint, narrow streets and alleys, full of life and color, you run straight into the quality shops.

In one of the busiest streets, the Madurostraat, is this large property available for rent. The back of the house is adjacent to the Kuiperstraat which is one of the few streets where you can come with a car.

The building is being restored to its former glory. The top two floors have been beautifully restored with th e use of vintage materials, some even special transferred from New York . The older inhabitants of Curacao will the property still known as the landlord of the famous house Casa Bernardo . The four-storey building is entirety for rent or in parts . The in house elevator stops at every floor and there is obviously a staircase at the rear of the building. In short, are you looking for the ultimate location with a rich history? Then we love to hear from you