Grupo Sambil is introducing their shopping mall concept to Curacao. Shopping malls are an emerging trend in the global arena; they have become synonyms of spending time and money. Sambil Shopping Mall Curacao will be located in Veeris which is conveniently located between Hato airport and Willemstad and has easy access from a couple of major roads. This location not only will be popular to the local community but also will be visited by many tourists. Sambil will be a completely air conditioned indoor shopping mall highly comfortable, safe and appealing for customers of all types. This mall is currently being built by a developer with 55 years of construction experience. The Sambil group has developed and currently own 8 successful shopping centers in Venezuela, recently opened in Santo Domingo and have projects in Spain and Puerto Rico. With their experience the developers bring a vast knowledge of marketing, controlled merchandise mix and balance and an overall understanding of how to make a mall a highly desirable and successful place to be. The Sambil Shopping Mall will have more that 156 commercial spaces, 26 food court concepts, 4 restaurants, 8 movie theaters and 1400 parking spaces. This one stop shop is a very unique and new concept to Curacao the size of project and quality of tenants will draw a substantial number of visitors. There will be two pricing structures for Sambil tenants. The first one is based on a fixed monthly payment and the second structure is based on a minimum monthly payment or 10% of the revenue (whichever is highest). Food court venues are required to take the later structure. Sambil is expected to open its doors in early 2014.