A natural playground with pancake restaurant? A tropical plant nursery? A roundabout? (Government !!!) Or a luxury villa with park garden?

This very interesting, empty, lot is suitable for many purposes. It features an ancient water well that has been providing water for hundreds of years.

This lot is located at the busy intersection of Caracasbaaiweg and the road to Montana.

The plot consists of 2 plots of (ownership) land of 5722 m2 and a plot of leased land of 1880 m2 (3.60 naf / m2 / year for 40 years).

This is a high-profile location directly opposite Eden Shoppers Paradise. The location is very well accesible for a major part of Bandabou, such as Jan Thiel, Vista Royal, Jan Sofat, Brakkeput, Bottelier, Cerrito, Dominguito, Janwe, Montana, Santa Barbara etc.

Research has shown that almost 100,000 naf net sales per year can only be achieved with the placement of billboards on the premises. Additionally, the sales that can be achieved through the sale of water (a truck’s well water costs aprox. 300 naf), then the return of investment is quickly there.

Specialties: according to the 20 year old EOP (the Island Development Plan) this area is considered as a park area. However, there is an existing foundation that can be rebuilt. A villa or a commercial building can be realized. In addition, a review of the EOP has already been announced, it is not known whether the destination of this site will also be adjusted.

We can send you the recent appraisal report on request.