A large office building on busy Waaigat. The building has three floors and is 383 m2 big. Currently, Pearl insurance nv rents the building, but they will be leaving and the building will be available on 1-1-2012. The building, equipped with an alarm and a fire escape, will be delivered empty.


When you walk into the building you enter a beautiful open space, where you will find a counter and behind it there are several workplaces. There is enough space for a waiting area. On the ground floor are two separate areas in which one of these rooms has a built-in desk, which can be deleted. There is much space for different workplaces. The ground floor also features a ladies and men’s room, a kitchen and a safe-room where all internet connections, phone and alarm system are located.


On the first floor are four rooms where workplaces can be realized. There is a large open space where you enter, here could be workplaces but another possibility is a combination of workplaces and a waiting room. This room has a balcony where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Waaigat, and which can be used as “smoking area”. Of the three remaining rooms is one that is very large and is now used as a boardroom, the two other rooms are suitable for workplaces. On this floor are also two toilets.


The top floor has a large open space. There are fitted wardrobes and will remain so. Lots of space on this floor, ideal for workstations and possibly for the archive, there is also a separate room where several workstations can be realized.


The owner offers to paint the interior painting of your choice to the tenant, on the owner’s expense.

Please note: On Curaçao, the tenant pays one month’s rent as a commission to the realtor. Sometimes exeptions can be made, please ask for the specifics of this property.