What to do with a BIG space?

“Really, too much space? Is that even a problem? YES! Decorating a large space can be just as problematic as decorating smaller ones. The problem with larger spaces is that people tend to fill it up with way too much. Consequently, making the space feel smaller than it actually is. Thankfully, interior designer and director of Okes Studio, Sherrelle Nulkes, shares her expert advice on what to do with a big space.”

Interior Designer and Director of
Okes Interieur Studio

Avoid cluttering

Overwhelmed. A feeling that many homeowners feel when confronted with a large empty space. “One of the biggest issues when decorating a large area is that people do not know how to decorate it without leaving it cluttered” says Sherrelle. A lot of times we think that a large room can hold everything we buy. And instead of buying one large piece of furniture, we chose to buy five little ones. The whole point of organizing or designing your space is to enhance it and make it feel pleasant, not chaotic.

Use the right material

Another common problem with larger spaces is that it echoes. That’s why it’s important to know what materials to use. Sherrelle shares with us what materials to use and not to use when trying to absorb sounds.


  • Textile
  • Rugs
  • Wood
  • Plants

Not to use

  • Metal
  • Glass
    • Even though glass is great when keeping sounds out, it does not help absorb the sound.

Designer tip: Using large and massive furniture can help damp sounds. Don’t be afraid to use them.  

Decorate with different levels

An important factor that people tend to forget is to fully utilize the entire space. Fully utilizing the entire space means not only using the space from left to right but also filling it in vertical heights.

Designer tip: Hang lighting fixtures from the ceiling or use hanging chairs to vertically fill up the space.

Ways to divide a large open space

Throughout the years, we have seen how more and more homeowners choose to have an open concept floor plan. The thought of cooking, eating or watching a movie in the same area is exactly what homeowners aim to have nowadays. So, how can you divide the living, kitchen and dining area without making it feel like three separate rooms? Well, here are some of the ways that you can divide an open space.

Utilize Plants

Aside from being great at absorbing sounds and aesthetically pleasing, plants are excellent room dividers.

Utilizing plants as room dividers

Large Rugs

Rugs are multi-functional décors. They can absorb sound but also help divide a room. Laying a large rug underneath your furniture is an excellent way to show that a space belongs together and serve as a specific area.

Rugs are excellent to show that a space belongs together.

Designer Tip:  make sure all the furniture touches the rug. Rugs are excellent to show that a space belongs together.

Orient your furniture

One of the simplest ways to divide a large open space is by using furniture. We often assume that large pieces of furniture need to be pushed against the wall. Sherrelle strongly advices against this. She explained that by pushing your furniture against the wall, you’re eliminating the air circling around it. Air is an indicator of space and by taking this away you are actually making the room smaller than it actually is.

Use your furniture to divide spaces

Designer tip: The backside of your sofa is a great indicator that one area is separate from the other.

A big space can range anywhere from living rooms, retail stores to office areas. Even though each of them differs in size and shape, applying these basic rules will guarantee you a space that is functional and stunning!

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